Storms over Etosha – II

A lone tree stands in the path of a storm near Okondeka!

A lone tree stands in the path of a storm near Okondeka

We had a whooping 55mm of rain yesterday! Considering the yearly average for these parts is a little over 300mm, that is a big big rainy day. The plains are very deserted and all the sought-after animals for tourists are nowhere to be seen. They are perhaps enjoying their feeding frenzies somewhere far from the roads in this park. While I don’t get to go out much these days thanks to the my additional responsibilities as a father, I seem to run into storms nearly every time I go out. And storms in the plains are just a fascinating natural event to witness (ex: a storm over Ondundozonananandana). Now that I have seen plenty of storms, I’ve started to go into the direction of the storms, just to see their splendor and feel their power. Quite amazing it is, chasing storms in Etosha!

A Storm approaches Gemsbokvlakte

A Storm approaches Gemsbokvlakte

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